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248 Miles

Parent/Student Guide for US Play, "248 Miles," which debuts Nov. 1st

This year's Upper School play, 248 Miles, which runs Nov. 1-3, is an original piece written by FA Theater teacher Andrew Geha. A story about the connections we make and 
the connections we miss, 248 Miles reveals the isolation and pressure that so many of us can feel on both an individual and community level. The play opens as Mikaela returns to school after an emotional crisis.
 Working to be healthy, she still feels desperately alone in her community. As she weaves her way through her first few days, we meet her classmates and discover, through their stories, that she is not alone in her aloneness.  

Please note that 248 Miles contains young adult themes, strong adolescent language, and is most appropriate for a mature audience of teens and adults. For a synopsis of the play and themes, please click hereStudents, who are 8th grade and younger must be accompanied by a parent if attending the show. If you have any further questions, please contact Director of Arts Tracey Foster at