THE MISSION OF the Technology Department is twofold:

  • First, to teach the students, faculty, staff, and community to use the extraordinary range of tools available to them to improve learning, increase efficiency, enhance creativity, and develop the technical fluency required in the twenty first century.
  • Second, to provide and support state of the art hardware, software, and infrastructure to allow all of us to realize the goals set forth in the first statement.

In all three divisions we strive to integrate technology use and instruction into the daily lessons across the curriculum. Professional development and classroom support are provided to empower teachers to teach effectively with technology. Technical experimentation and exploration are celebrated as evidenced by the wide variety of projects underway to incorporate technology use.

Technology specific courses are taught in the Middle and Upper divisions to foster technical skills and understanding. Most of these are taught with a degree of collaboration with other subject teachers to reinforce the relevance of the skills covered. Full descriptions of these courses may be found in the divisional Course of Study documents.

Department Members

Ken Ambach - Department Head

Ashish Dandona

Amanda Fisk

Robert Grella

Clare Nesfield