Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.


THE UPPER SCHOOL HEALTH CURRICULUM is centered around a semester-long course in ninth grade, and a trimester-long course in eleventh grade. Each course is interactive and student-centered, and is designed to assist students in learning about contemporary and critical health issues while asking them to explore their own personal health habits and goals. These courses cover topics that students can “take with them” long after they leave Friends Academy.

Units covered in 9th grade include: Mental Health, Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco, Nutrition & Exercise, Eating Disorders, Sex & Gender, Sexual Violence and Sexual Health.

Units covered in 11th grade include: Binge Drinking, Drinking & Driving and the Law, Sexual Orientation & Homophobia, Abstinence & Intimacy, Contraception, Pregnancy, and Breast Cancer & Testicular Cancer Awareness.