Physical Education

9th Grade - Personal Fitness curriculum includes:

The purpose of the 9th Grade Personal Fitness Course is to present to students the significance of physical activity as it impacts sports-fitness and health-fitness related components. This course will help students understand the benefits of physical activity and exercise, the difference between sports fitness and health fitness, its impact on the development of disease and obesity and how to assess one’s fitness and set personal goals. It consists of three strands: Weight training, Cardio-fitness and Yoga.

10th Grade - Sport Education curriculum includes:

The Sport Education curriculum provides students with experiences that allow students to not only learn more completely how to play sports but also how to coordinate and manage their sport experiences. Students learn individual responsibility and effective group membership skills and become a more literate sportsperson, with an appreciation of rules, rituals and traditions of sports and activities.

11th/12th Grade - Physical Education Electives:

  • Cardio-fitness
  • Weight Training
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Sport Education

Athletic Director

Alan Quackenbush

Department Members

Gail Baker

Christine Botti

Mike Damm

Amanda Haughney

Matthew Johnsen

Patrick Maguire

Jordan Rouff