Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.
Friends Academy Celebrates Unity Day with First Community Group Meetings

On Thursday, October 10, the Friends Academy community wore orange to honor Unity Day, part of Bullying Prevention Month. The day was also marked with the first meetings of all-school Community Groups, which bring together students and adults in all divisions to strengthen bonds across campus.

Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is the center of Quaker life and at the heart of a Friends school. We gather together as a community in a silence that grows deeper as it progresses. Anyone may speak if they feel inspired to do so since everyone can be a minister with insights to share.

Lower School

Meeting for Worship

In Early Childhood through first grade, children and the teachers of each class sit together in a circle in their classroom for "gathered meeting" time, ranging from five to 25 minutes. We also introduce reflection time -- a short period when children are asked to think about specific ideas or topics. Afterwards, children and teachers may share their thoughts.

Students in second through fifth grades attend weekly Meeting for Worship at the Matinecock Meeting House. They gather with the Lower School Principal and other adult members of the community in silence, reflection, and sharing for 25 minutes every Thursday beginning at 8:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to attend. Our goal is to capture the spirit and atmosphere of mutual respect present in Meeting for Worship and carry it over into the daily life of the school.

Community Meeting

Starting in first grade, the children take part in a weekly community meeting, where students and teachers participate in open dialogue about their collective triumphs and concerns. When issues of concern arise, the group strives to formulate consensual solutions. There are many opportunities throughout every day for students to practice the peaceful resolution of conflict. It is not uncommon to see teachers huddled with a small group of children (also known as "small g's") as they facilitate a resolution to the occasional conflicts that arise between individuals and among groups of children.

Middle School

Meeting for Worship

Middle schoolers attend weekly Meeting for Worship on Wednesday afternoon from 12:05 to 12:35 p.m. In addition, on Friday mornings, students participate in Worship sharing with Queries that are created by their peers and faculty. On Wednesdays, students also have the opportunity to explore alternative MFW options, including Meeting for Singing and Meeting for Labyrinth.

Upper School

Meeting for Worship

The Upper School comes together as a community for Meeting for Worship on Thursdays from 9:50-10:25 in the Meeting House to center and share messages from the heart. Upper School TASQUE (Teachers and Students for Quaker Education) clerks our weekly Meetings for Worship, and plans occasional alternative Meetings for Worship (such as Meetings for Singing, Meetings for Mindfulness and Worship Sharing) as well as Meetings for Business and Programmed Meetings for Worship to provide different opportunities for students and faculty to center and worship together.