Kumar Wang Learning Commons

THE MISSION OF the Friends Academy libraries is to function as the intellectual heart and information center of the school. To fulfill this mission, the library provides curriculum support, research guidance, enrichment through literature appreciation, and other learning experiences to the students, faculty, administration, staff, and parents of the school community. The libraries foster a positive environment that encourages inquiry and discovery through the use of organized, accessible resources. The School Library Media Program teaches students to be independent, lifelong seekers of knowledge who value libraries and learning and are able to use them to locate and use information to solve problems.

The On-Line Catalogue and Digital Resources
The on-line catalog includes information about the holdings of both the Lower School and the Kumar Wang library. It includes the libraries' circulating books, reference books, videos, music CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, eBooks on Kindles, and other material. Patrons can search the catalog by author, title, subject or keyword from any computer with internet access.

Bibliographic Instruction
Bibliographic instruction begins in the Lower School and continues through the Middle and Upper Schools. All library staff members work daily with individual students to support their personal interests, to help with book selection, and to assist with individual research requests. Teachers schedule class time in the library for bibliographic instruction and to do research-related coursework.

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
The library is closed during the summer.


  • Books: The library has over 45,000 print books as well as eBooks on Kindles and online.
  • Periodicals: The library subscribes to several hundred magazines and journals in traditional paper format and via online databases.
  • Films: The library has over 2,100 curriculum related films that may be borrowed by faculty for instructional use and provides access to online streaming for classroom use. ??

Kumar Wang Library Special Collections

  • The Quaker Collection contains old and rare books and journals on Quakers and the history of Quakerism.
  • The Friends Academy Archives contains documents and realia pertaining to the history of the school.
  • These research collections are housed in the library. Although no material may be borrowed, all members of the community may use these collections with the permission of the library director or school archivist. Researchers outside the community must request permission, in writing, from the director for use of either of these collections.??

Computer Access?

The library provides students working in the library the choice of desktop or laptop computers. Library computers provide access to all of the schools digital resources and full internet access. Students may check out laptop computers at the Main Circulation desk for use anywhere in the building. Students who bring their personal laptops, either PC or Mac, have access to the internet and wireless printing.