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The Friends Academy College Counseling Process

Let Your Life Speak
– A Four-Year Journey

THE FRIENDS ACADEMY COLLEGE COUNSELING OFFICE guides students on a journey to finding a school that is the best fit. Adhering to the belief that truth is progressive, the notion of fit might be sensed immediately, embraced gradually, or is a reality that must be nurtured and develops from insight. Choosing a college marks a significant progression in the maturity of a young person’s life.

The College Office is committed to each and every student’s success, and we view the college process from beginning to end as one of growth. Our role is to provide direction so that seniors at our school recognize that ultimately they are called upon to Let Their Lives Speak, allowing them to make a difference in the world in which we live.

How is the college process different at a Quaker school?

A commitment to our Quaker mission is woven into every aspect of the college process. As a result:

  • College Counselors are partners with families serving their needs pragmatically, logistically and spiritually.

  • We provide equal care, advocacy and guidance for every family and student.

  • The entirety of each day is focused on furthering students’ college aspirations and advancing their progress.

  • Student and parent-tailored programs encourage a dialogue with admissions representatives, who personally know Friends Academy and, most importantly, understand what makes a Quaker education a distinct experience.

  • Through the intentional creation of a unique culture that stresses cooperation, well-being, congeniality and responsibility, the College Office is a place where seniors feel supported, can be themselves, and be transparent as they are encouraged to realize their full selves.

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Meet the College Counseling Office

Edward Dugger
Director of
College Counseling

Jennifer Dice
Associate Director
of College Counseling


Sharon Lapointe
Counseling Associate

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