Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.


WE SEEK TO DEVELOP STUDENTS' understanding of basic scientific principles in order to foster growth as knowledgeable citizens; to develop an understanding of a diversity of living organisms with an emphasis on the human and relate this understanding to the problems of preservation and conservation of the world resources; and to develop an awareness of ethical issues regarding the use of science and technology.  We help students achieve this through teaching that emphasizes analytical skills based on experimental observation, and, wherever possible, mathematical application of concepts and laws; open-ended questioning; and reflective writing in journals, research notebooks, and lab reports.

We intend that our graduates will:

  • Engage the world with curiosity
  • Embrace complexity
  • Remember the fundamentals of science
  • Think clearly

To this end we:

  • Stimulate curiosity
  • Promote collaboration
  • Encourage clear communication
  • Investigate carefully

Department Members

Jennifer Newitt – Department Head
Mark Alber
Jeffrey Burt
Don Fish
Patricia Diamond
Michael Quinland
Casey Reed
Matthew Walker