Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

5th Grade

Fifth grade is a transitional year. Students learn how to develop and strengthen the necessary skills both academically and socially that allow them to make a smooth shift from being a lower school student to entering the wonders of middle school.

Much is changing in their world, and the focus is on reinforcing the values they have been taught through the Quaker tenets as well as the lessons they have learned through Responsive Classroom teachings. The goal is to foster independent, responsible, and confident rising sixth graders. This is a collaborative effort that is infused throughout the curriculum, supported by faculty in all special areas, and strengthened through numerous interactive games, activities, and discussions.

Programs include:

  • Language Arts - Reading Workshop - strengthen text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world connections; Writing Workshop - Explores a variety of genres, including personal narrative, informational writing, realistic fiction, fantasy and poetry; Word Study - Spelling and grammar
  • Mathematics - Think! Mathematics teaches concepts of place value, multiplication and division, decimals, expressions, patterns, fractions, geometry and measurement. DWPs (Daily Word Problems) use multiple-step word problems and logic puzzles
  • Social Studies - Through research, note-taking and interpreting primary and secondary sources, students explore US geography, US history (early 1800s - early 1900s), government, economics and current events; global study - Asia
  • Responsive Classroom - Cooperation and communication
  • Quakerism - Weekly Meeting for Worship

Faculty Members

Jen Fox

Sara Weinstein

Brie Kraska