Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

8th Grade

Becoming the "elders" of the Middle School, 8th grade students are encouraged to realize their potential as leaders within the school.

School-wide student clubs and activities are only two of the areas where 8th graders are asked to take on roles to model for the younger classmates. These 8th grade students often lead school-wide service initiatives, including advisory trips to the local Men's Shelter, breakfast fundraisers, Thanksgiving food drives for a local charity as well as participation in the Empire State Games for the physically challenged.

The 8th grade team consist of the four major subject area teachers in addition to two specialists. Academically, students begin to understand how they are being prepared to meet the demands of the upper school program. With two potential placements for math and science, students work diligently to meet the demands of their first upper school programs. At the end of the year, students have the opportunity to be placed in different honors level classes in areas such as math and foreign language. In eighth grade, students also take a required Diversity & Multiculturalism course.

The Middle School experience culminates with an 8th grade "Moving Up" ceremony, where the students have the opportunity to celebrate their transition to the upper school through a class Meeting For Worship in the manner of friends. This is celebrated by the entire class with their families as well as the entire faculty of the middle school.

Faculty Members

Selina Collier - Team Leader

Dave Frazer

Maxime Lavallee

Erin Nolan

Kaitlyn Seigneuray