Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

7th Grade

Picking up where the 6th grade left off, the 7th grade program marks "the middle of the middle" with an increase in academic expectations where students are encouraged to take control of their learning though better time management, organization and study skills.

The 7th grade team, consisting of the four major subject area teachers in addition to a specialist, work closely to insure the student is progressing to their full potential. Rigorous Science and Math programs serve as a cornerstone of what will develop into the basis for the students upper school pathway. In addition, the World Cultures and English programs work closely to broaden the students understanding of the world in which they live through various studies of culture and religion.

In addition to the core subjects, students are exposed to a wide range of quarter classes including an in-depth study of Quakerism, the first class in a series of religion classes during the students tenure at Friends Academy. Lastly, use of technology becomes a staple within their program. This comes via classes in computer programming, lego robotics and various software applications used in all of the classes.

Faculty Members

Kathleen Schalk - Team Leader

Bill Garry

Paul Hernandez

Meghan Leonhardt

Amy Mulcahy