Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

6th Grade

The transition from Lower to Middle School, from a student’s point of view, means a greater sense of freedom. They soon learn that this freedom is accompanied by added responsibility.

Many students describe their experiences in the sixth grade as hard work, but a great deal of fun. We aim to provide students with a wide variety of enriching, interactive learning experiences.

The sixth grade team is made up of five teachers. Each teacher is responsible for one subject area: English, math, science and social studies. The students also see several specialists throughout the year in areas, such as music, art, dance, theater, creative writing, health, and physical education. While they move from class to class, the students are asked to keep track of their schedules and personal belongings, as well as daily and long-term assignments, quizzes and tests from multiple teachers.

Faculty Members

Allison Barth - Team Leader and Asst. Principal
Debbie Alber
Clare Nesfield
Phil Cicciari
Dan Kriesberg