Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

From the Middle School Principal...

Arguably the three most important years in a child’s education is middle school! This is a time of accelerated growth physically, emotionally, and cognitively for “tweens” and it is not surprising that these young people often feel incredibly awkward, vulnerable and uncertain about themselves. Can you remember back to when you were in middle school (or junior high, as it was called then)? Some of the most baffling and humiliating experiences in my life happened during my middle school years! Students at this time of their maturation need caring teacher- mentors in their lives who have a deep appreciation for the middle school learner and a safe and nurturing environment where they can transition into young adulthood.

Guided always by our Quaker mission, we believe in the importance of helping our middle school students develop the necessary skills to become resilient, ethical, caring, and engaged learners. To that end, we offer a curriculum that is appropriately challenging, relevant, and exploratory and an advising program that links an adult advocate to every child and a working partner with every parent. Our middle schooler’s experience is enriched by their ability to engage in the visual and performing arts, athletics, and develop their interests through club and after school enrichment programs. The school’s commitment to experiential learning further helps students to develop self-reliance and expand their learning beyond the classroom. The community service program engages students in meaningful experiences and projects, using their talents and skills for the benefit of others. The Outdoor Education trips in 6th, 7th and 8th grades provide students the opportunity to learn about the importance of our environment and sustainable practices, experience activities that help grow their self-confidence, develop collaborative problem-solving and social skills in an outdoor classroom.

This three-year journey of middle school is critical to a young person’s emerging sense of self. Friends students are challenged to think differently, to unleash their creativity, to take risks and embrace learning – all in an effort to help discover their “inner light” and to connect more deeply to their natural talents. We challenge our students to be courageous and open minded in all their pursuits at Friends!

It has been my pleasure to be a part of this educational community for over 30 years, working closely with students, faculty, and parents to bring our school’s Quaker mission alive.

- Deb Schoman

Deborah Schoman

Middle School Principal

Associate Head of School