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World Languages

From vocabulary to culture, we create a real working World Languages experience.

Spanish - Early Childhood through fourth grade

The Lower School language program seeks to lay the foundation for communication through the introduction of Spanish language and culture. The instructional goal is to develop listening skills, auditory discrimination, auditory processing, speaking skills, and linguistic awareness as well as cultural exposure to the target language. To enhance learning in addition to context, collaboration with the classroom teachers as well as other special area teachers will take place to integrate and incorporate concepts in the grade level curriculum. These goals will be achieved by incorporating rhymes, songs, poems, games, finger plays, music, movement, storytelling, role-playing, art projects, technology, and simple conversations into daily classroom activities. Learning takes place through concrete experiences such as visuals, manipulatives, and hands-on activities that are integral components of instruction accompanied by aural-oral language use.

The Spanish curriculum in Playgroup through 4th grade includes the following concepts: greetings, awareness of self, body parts, games, colors, shapes, numbers, directions, weather, seasons, holidays, traditions, telling time, days of the week, months of the year, foods, family members, clothing, forms of transportation, sports, occupations, knowledge of Spanish speaking countries around the world, and animals found in various environments.

Spanish - Fifth grade

The fifth grade Spanish program is building upon the foundation blocks that have been laid in previous years in the Lower School. Students continue to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. A variety of topics are introduced or reintroduced during the school year. They include months, days of the week, greetings, introductions, numbers 1-100, colors, food, family members, classroom items, body parts, feelings, tener expressions, likes and dislikes, basic adjectives and some regular verb conjugations. Students touch upon the Spanish-speaking world with a brief overview of which countries speak Spanish. They also explore some special holidays such as Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo as well as some traditions of the Spanish speaking countries around the world.

French - Fifth grade

The Exploratory Language curriculum emphasizes acquisition of a native accent and ease of communication. Students will learn to use colors, numbers, vocabulary for clothing, and vocabulary for classroom objects and commands, among others. Students will also have exposure to the cultures and speak the languages studied through videos, readings and music. To create as real an experience with language as possible, the Exploratory Language curriculum will be integrated as often as possible with the concepts studied in the grade level curriculum.

Mandarin, Chinese - Fifth grade

The purpose of this course is to lay groundwork for the study of modern Chinese. This course will emphasize pronunciation, tones and provide instruction in all four language skills of aural comprehension, speaking, reading and writing of beginning level Chinese. The students will have the chance to explore different topics of Chinese language, such as greetings, family, numbers, dates, classroom objects, fruits…. In addition, this course will also cover traditional festivals, cultural events, calligraphy, music, and other cultural topics. The goal is to build a solid foundation in the Chinese language and the culture(s) of those who speak it.

Faculty Members

Fina Cassara - Spanish

Brie Kraska - French

Jane Dai - Mandarin