Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

Second Grade

We continue to foster a love of reading by teaching how to choose books that are just right for the child.

We teach strategies for making good book choices, including how to know if a book is easy, just right or challenging. We also teach how to “buzz” which means to talk to their peers about books they have read.

Programs include:

  • Language Arts - Wilson Foundations, Guided Reading & Literature Circles and Writing Workshop
  • Mathematics - Think! Mathematics; Concepts include algebra and uses of variables, data and chance, geometry, measures, numeration, patterns, functions and sequences, reference frames.
  • Social Studies - Explore maps and globes; global study - South America
  • Responsive Classroom - Peaceable Classroom
  • Quakerism - Weekly Meeting for Worship

Faculty Members

Jaimee Connors

Kim Soscie