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Lower School Science

By creating practiced observers in class and outside, we foster a sense of exploration and discovery in students.

The main objective in Lower School Science is to foster a sense of exploration and discovery by observing the natural world. Students are encouraged to maximize the use of resources to develop their observational skills.

As they learn to observe the natural world, students begin to ask their own questions about how and why things work. This in turn leads students to begin to develop their own hypotheses, which naturally leads them to search for answers and attempt to develop inquiry-based experiments. In this way, students are led through the scientific method as a natural process of observing and questioning the world around them. We explore physical science, earth science, life science and technology and work to create a seamless curriculum that encompasses all subject areas.

Faculty Members

Meghan Stott - Grades 3-5

Katie Schlicht - Kindergarten - Grade 2