Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

Fourth Grade

Our aim is to expose the children to and help them make connections with different types of literature. At the same time, we hope to encourage a love of learning and a sense of excitement about the material covered.

Through their interaction with literature, students strengthen existing decoding skills, acquire new vocabulary, and enhance their comprehension skills. Small reading groups provide an opportunity for each child to actively participate in reading groups discussions and cooperative activities based on the literary selections.

Programs include:

  • Language Arts - Balanced Literacy Program: an analytical approach to reading and writing; Everyday Spelling
  • Mathematics - Think! Mathematics; Concepts include: numeration, operations and computation, data and chance, geometry, measurement and reference frames, patterns, functions and algebra.
  • Social Studies - History of NY state, including Long Island; American Revolution, European Exploration and Colonial Life; Underground Railroad; global study - Africa
  • Responsive Classroom - Cooperation and communication
  • Quakerism - Weekly Meeting for Worship

Faculty Members

Sheila Gunther

Leslie Lemma