Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

First Grade

Our program focuses on helping students and teachers make connections for learning, vital links that unite all aspects of the curriculum.

Quaker beliefs permeate daily life with an emphasis on the discovery of each student’s unique gifts. The Quaker tenets of simplicity, moderation, equality, resolution of conflict through nonviolent means, community service, and shared decision-making are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Programs include:

  • Language Arts - Wilson Foundations, Guided Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Mathematics - Think! Mathematics; Concepts include numeration, operations and computation, data and chance, geometry, measurement, patterns, functions and algebra.
  • Social Studies - Role in the family; global study - North America
  • Responsive Classroom - Cooperation and communication skills
  • Quakerism

Faculty Members

Dale Waterhouse

Jennifer Madden