Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

From the Lower School Principal...

When I think of education and the community it fosters, I am reminded of a few lines from David Whyte’s poem, “Working Together.”

...The visible
and the invisible

working together
in common cause,

to produce 
the miraculous…

It is with a balance, necessary for early childhood and elementary-age children, that we foster the type of environment that allows children to try on different identities to find themselves as unique individuals, each child a special thread that is also part of a greater tapestry.

Friends Academy brings out the inner light of each child through the values of Quaker education.  No matter what our beliefs, or how we lend ourselves to create the tapestry, a solid foundation that guides children to understand, practice and live simplicity, patience, integrity, community, equality and stewardship enriches the human experience.

Coupled with academic rigor, our teachers are committed to educating the whole child through best practices.  We are life-long learners ourselves.

As an educator, ally, leader, and mother, I have come to realize that the schooling I want for my children is larger than one approach and one message.  Education has the power to reflect a way of life we want for ourselves and children.

We value curiosity and the art of asking questions. We value exploration and investigation. We do not teach reading, writing, math and science.  We nurture readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists. Our children are musicians, actors, dancers, artists, advocates, allies, and so much more we can’t even begin to name.

Whether you are learning about Friends Academy for the first time, a family just joining us, or a family who has history here, we welcome you.

Let’s work together in common cause to produce the miraculous.

Dot Woo
Lower School Principal

Dot Woo

Lower School Principal