Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

From the Lower School Principal...

My favorite time during the school day is the time in the morning that I spend welcoming children to school. My goal is to learn every student’s name early in the year so that I can greet each and every child by name. It is incredibly important for young children to know that they matter.

Lower School is an exciting time in a child’s development. We have the honorable task of helping students to create a foundation for their learning. We start with their natural curiosity and continue to build interest, knowledge and skill. As a community of learners we value the pursuit of passion and ownership of learning. Students from Early Childhood through 5th are encouraged to ask questions, take risks, to persevere, and experience joy in their learning. Faculty members are reflective of their practices and model reflection for even the youngest child.

Our literacy teaching utilizes Writer’s Workshop, guided reading and mentor texts to build every child’s understanding of the craft of reading and writing. Our math curriculum balances deep conceptual understanding with skill-building. We integrate arts and sciences to ensure greater student engagement as well as to foster student ability to make connections across subject areas.

The Quaker tenets of equality, peace and integrity bind our community of learners together. We seek many ways to create and foster community including service learning and family-style dining. We view Responsive Classroom as a way to strengthen our ties to each other and to understand other perspectives.

I invite you to visit us in the Lower School.

- Debby McLean

Debby McLean

Lower School Principal