Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

Early Childhood

“Creating a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and play is our greatest priority.”

Welcoming the 3- and 4-year-old children into the warmth of the Withington House each morning is an amazing way to start the day. Their bright and happy smiles light the pathway for their eagerness to experience learning at its best.

A child’s first introduction to school should provide them with the comforts of home, hands on experiences, the ability to let their creativity shine, and the opportunity to express their individuality in their own unique way.

Each day in our Early Childhood program at Friends Academy, the children are busy painting, singing, counting, graphing, sharing, and exploring nature. We provide our students with the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences that allow them to play, explore, investigate, and create.

Our unique program incorporates special area classes into our curriculum such as Spanish instruction, Music instruction, Creative Movement class, Art class, Library class, and Physical Education classes. Within our developmentally appropriate curriculum we incorporate a fine arts unit where the children learn about famous artists such as Claude Monet and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The children in our program learn through play. Each day they learn to share with their peers, follow directions, develop fine and gross motor skills, work cooperatively in groups, and problem solve. Our caring faculty strive to create a loving and warm environment that provides structure and guidance in an environment that allows the children’s imaginations to soar.

Our new playground and tremendous outdoor space are the perfect environments for exploration. Going on nature walks, planting in our vegetable and flower gardens, and exploring the fresh fallen snow in winter are just a few of our outdoor activities.

We are a unique program in that we incorporate the Quaker testimonies into our everyday curriculum. The core values of simplicity, peaceful resolution of conflict, integrity, community, equality and stewardship are the foundation on which we strive to develop the whole child, and we guide them to honor these values throughout their lives.


– Kristin Minuto

Kristin Minuto

Director of Early Childhood