Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

Parent Council

COMMUNITY SPIRIT INFUSES the Friends Academy experience. Throughout their years at Friends, students experience a genuine interest in self-expression on one hand and connection.

We cultivate an environment that nurtures both. We are a community that looks for the best in all of its members, that celebrates the wide variety of gifts and talents they have to share. We are a community that encourages students to aim high, to try new things, to push beyond the known and safe to new levels of achievement, all within a strong network of support that helps students get up to try again when they fall. Students are free to fully explore their potential as individuals because they learn in an atmosphere of trust and respect. They form bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.

There is also a sense of community among the parents at Friends Academy. The Parent Council aims to promote the welfare of Friends Academy by maintaining a close working relationship among parents, faculty, administration and trustees. All parents of current students are automatically members. The Parent Council welcomes families to volunteer and participate in its various activities and welcomes each parent's opinion and point of view.

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2019-20 Parent Council Executive Board

President - Lisa Sutherland
Executive Vice President - Rachel Zuckerbrot
Executive Secretary - Amy Morgan
Treasurer - Lisa Shroff
Assistant Treasurer - Kerri Grasso

Lower School VP - Franciska Doshi
Lower School Asst. VP -  Cathy Dorego
Lower School Secretary -  Jen Adoni

Middle School VP - Roseann Martin
Middle School Asst. VP - Krystal Forde
Middle School Secretary -  Isabelle Gardner

Upper School VP - Julie Kalimian
Upper School Asst. VP -  Carolyn Mott
Upper School Secretary - Bettina Saad


What does it mean to be a Quaker school?

PEACE – peaceful resolution of conflict

INTEGRITY – earning the trust of others

COMMUNITY – caring for each other

EQUALITY – respecting & valuing all people

SERVICE – to others wherever needed

Friends Academy is a Quaker school, and that begs a question -- What exactly does it mean to be a Quaker school?

Quakers use the acronym "SPICES" to both explain the testimonies and allow non-Quakers to remember them easily. Please click here to view the Parent Council Guide to Our Quaker School.