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Curriculum Integration

Environmental Sustainability in the Friends Academy Curriculum

Learning about and understanding environmental sustainability cuts across all curriculum areas. It is not simply a few lessons in a science class. To truly understand the issues, Friends Academy students learn about sustainability in all subject areas and at all ages. Understanding the political and economic issues that impact environmental sustainability will lead to viable solutions. Learning about environmental history helps students understand how we got where we are. Literature and the arts are also vehicles for appreciating and understanding the environment. Environmental sustainability as part of the Quakerism and Community Service class shows students how to take action. Integration of sustainability issues into the World Cultures classes teaches students that the world community is in this together.

Here are a few examples of how environmental sustainability lessons are integrated in the Friends Academy curriculum through all divisions.

  • Early Childhood: Students learn about nature as part of every unit. In the fall there are nature walks, in the spring there are flowers to plant. All along there are lessons on how to care for the environment.
  • Sixth grade science: Students raise endangered brook trout from eggs and release them in a nearby stream to help rehabilitate the habitat.
  • Quakerism: Stewardship and simplicity are connected to each testimony by personal actions one can take to improving the environment. In eighth grade student learn about alternative energy as part of the lessons on energy. In the unit on light the students learn about the efficiency of different types of lightbulbs.
  • Community Service: Students to learn how various interest groups work together to effect positive change.
  • AP Spanish: Current events are used to discuss issues such as land preservation and access to clean water.
  • American Studies: Students are reading and discussing some of the important examples of environmental writing as attitudes towards wilderness have changed through American History.