Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.


In keeping with Quaker testimonies and our responsibility as global citizens, Friends Academy is committed to being an environmentally sustainable community. We believe this means a change in our mindset and behavior in order to create a world where people and all living things have the opportunity to thrive now and into future generations.

In our work to accomplish this mission, we have achieved the following:

Facilities and Grounds

  • Employ Green cleaning practices
  • Use paints with zero-volatile organic compounds
  • Follow Nassau County fertilizer use regulations
  • Elimination of insecticides or herbicides
  • Conversion to natural gas - all buildings
  • Use of lighting control systems
  • Irrigation system monitored closely
  • Lighting retrofit eliminated 31 tons of greenhouse gas emissions/yr
  • Campus-wide no-idling policy
  • Joined Green Schools Alliance

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Created all-division Edible Garden
  • Begun to compost kitchen scraps
  • Professional development

Reduction of Plastics

  • 2012: Discourage use of non-reusable plastic water bottles; bottle-filling stations installed
  • 2013: Eliminate sale and use of all plastic bottles
  • 2013: Eliminate use of plastic cups and utensils by some members of the community.

And that's just the start.

Ongoing Activities and Goals


  • Reduce electricity
    • Green Cup Challenge - FA earns fourth place
  • Use campus grounds to create an "Extended Classroom"
  • Integrate sustainability lessons into core curriculum
  • Create a Sustainability course in the Global Studies Scholars Program
  • Develop a Natural History Highlights Trail of the FA Campus
  • Build a culture of advocacy and action
  • Implement a more effective paper conservation plan

On-going Activities

  • Active Middle/Upper School student environmental clubs
  • Digital parent communication
  • Engineering & Sustainability course (Upper School)
  • Celebration of Earth Month (April)