Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.


Teachers and Students for Quaker Understanding and Education

Lower School TASQUE is a student-driven group that seeks to understand the tenets of Quakerism. Students share their ideas and philosophies through events such as concerts, gatherings and all-school assemblies during Peace week. Students seek to explore and understand pertinent issues that affect their lives and share them with their peers in meaningful ways.

Middle School TASQUE looks for ways to encourage the MS community to ponder Quaker principles and how to live them more fully every day through advisory and middle school-wide activities. The committee meets to discuss ethical issues, participates in the Hunger Awareness program, plans programmed meetings, creates Queries, and becomes involved in school-wide community service projects. The committee’s weekly meetings involve a lot of brainstorming, sharing of ideas, discussing personal experiences, and planning committee actions.

Upper School TASQUE helps support the weekly Upper School Meeting for Worship as a place where students and faculty can come together as a community to center and share messages from the heart. This committee also plans occasional alternative Meetings for Worship (Meeting for Singing, Meeting for Mindfulness, Meeting for Drawing, Worship Sharing, Meeting for Business and Programmed Meetings for Worship) to provide different opportunities for students and faculty to center and worship together.

The three TASQUE committees work together on several mixed-age worship gatherings and events, including Peace Week and Founders Day.