Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

What are Quaker Values?

A Friends Academy education starts with the inner light - the fundamental belief, firmly rooted in our Quaker tradition, that there is truth and goodness in each person. We believe that each child carries unique gifts and talents which we seek to nurture and celebrate. We prepare our students to go into the world and do good work, to use their gifts generously for worthwhile goals. A Friends education helps children grow in mind, body, and spirit, and builds a firm foundation for full lives, well lived.

What exactly does it mean to be a Quaker school?

First and foremost, it means there are certain principles that go to the heart of everything we do -- integrity, simplicity, justice, patience, moderation, respect for others, and the peaceful resolution of conflict. It means we are committed to doing work in service of others, on our campus, in the larger community, and beyond.

These things are as fundamental to every student's Friends education as anything they learn about history or literature or science. We come together as a caring community of learners that values the inherent worth of every person. We are a community that doesn't merely talk about the things that are important to us; we live them, in how we treat each other, and how we engage the world around us.

The Quaker Testimonies

Quaker Testimonies are attitudes and ways of being that help us build a supportive and loving community and call us to let our lives speak in the world. Here are seven that we see as the guiding values that we are continually striving for at Friends Academy. They are often remembered by the acronym SPICESS.

Simplicity – Focusing on what is most important and avoiding things that are unnecessary, excessive or distracting

Peace – Resolving conflicts without violence and working to end the causes of war in the world

Integrity – Being whole people who say and do what we believe

Community – Supporting each other and living in ways that support the good of all

Equality – Treating everyone as equal with unique gifts to share

Service – Noticing needs and working to address them and their root causes

Stewardship – Using our resources with care and working for a healthier planet