Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.
Model Honors

Junior Denise Lee earns Honorable Mention in opening Model UN conference.

Portrait of our Community

In support of our mission, the Friends Academy community has created a statement of principles called the Portrait of our Community -- REACHES OUT. Each day we challenge ourselves to demonstrate these qualities in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

R espectful, responsible, and reflective
E nthusiastically embraces learning
A ppreciates all diversity
C ompassionate and courageous
H onest and humble
E ngages in service within and beyond the school community
S trives for spiritual awareness, emotional well-being, and physical health

O pen-minded and creative in pursuit of excellence
U nderstands and honors Quaker testimonies
T hinks analytically and independently

We believe that the most noble of callings is guiding students to discover enduring truths that lead them to do good works. We believe that a Friends Academy education transforms lives in the realization of our Quaker ideal