Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

Global Studies Scholar Program

Global citizenship at Friends Academy is rooted in the understanding that "the peoples of the world are one people, enriched by individual differences and united by a common bond of humanity. Diversity in this world community is its greatest strength; understanding and respect are its greatest gifts."

In an effort to nurture this understanding and to offer FA students an important opportunity to develop the sensitivity and the skills needed to become true citizens of the world, strong leaders, and generous humanitarians, the Global Studies Scholars Initiative has been developed. This program offers unique, project-based, interdisciplinary opportunities that allow students to delve thoroughly into research and experiential learning, responding to each course's essential question. Each GSS elective is inspired by the UN Millenium goals and informed by social action, social responsibility, and social justice.

Courses have included GSS El Salvador, GSS East Asian Studies, GSS Philosophy, and GSS European Studies. Projects have included the GSS Normandy Peace Project and the GSS Germany Project.

Curricular expectations include:

  • An essential question that directs all components of project;
  • Collaboration;
  • Sustained relationships with organizations, research centers, schools, institutions, etc. connected to the course topic;
  • Creative problem solving;
  • Research and effective writing formats;
  • Sustainable practice;
  • Culmination materials including digital portfolios and oral articulation of the project;
  • Workshops include:
    • Preparation for Social Action
    • Presentational speaking and persuasive argument
    • Seminars specific to the course project/content