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The Diversity Grant Fund


About the Diversity Grant Fund Dinner

An annual event familiar to us all, re-envisioned. In an effort to invite and empower other stakeholders to join us for this event that truly impacts young people across our community we are seeking a way to evolve from a dinner to multi-faceted experience. Our usual dinner will take place in the middle of the event’s duration time and will be sandwiched between rounds of student performances of all original work and words from our Quaker Student Leadership Committee Leaders and our student athletes. The dinner event will have a hard start and end time to support attendees who would like to engage in the event as they have in years past.

About the Diversity Grant Fund

The Diversity Grant Fund provides funds for expenses and fees that are part of a student's educational experiences, but are not covered by financial aid. Examples include the Driver's Education program, school photos, yearbooks, textbooks, physical education clothes and sports equipment.

Each year the Upper School Student Diversity Committee sponsors and hosts The Caring Community Dinner, (previously known as The Diversity Grant Fund Dinner), an all-school evening event featuring original student performances (OriginalWorks), small plates & light refreshments, and a presentation from our community's Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) cohort.

All proceeds from the Dinner directly benefit The Diversity Grant Fund.

Download the Diversity Grant Fund Application.

Other FA organizations/events that support the Diversity Grant Fund:

  • Champions for Charity - A three-day holiday shopping opportunity sponsored by The Americana each December.
  • OriginalWorks - An FA Theater and Dance presentation featuring Upper School original plays and choreography that is performed annually in March.