Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

From the Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion...

Families & Friends, 

We cannot speak of an excellent education without speaking about the role of Diversity in our schools. In my first year, I committed myself to shadowing our students in classes, creating advisory programming, designing all-school community events, and learning the names of as many young people on our campus as I could. After a year of assessing the state of our campus culture and strategic observation, we are stepping into the 2019-2020 school year with a methodological approach to our classroom teachings, co-curriculum, and structures that is rooted in cultural competence and kindness. Guided by our strategic plan, we are committed to cultivating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community for everyone in our community and we will do so by building an educational infrastructure that:

  • Presents students with learning opportunities focused on: identity, norm-setting, civic engagement, community-building, and leadership skill development
  • Activates and nurtures the marginalized student voice, particularly with respect to any/all of the following eight socially constructed identities that may pose a challenge for a student: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion/spirituality, nationality, socioeconomic status
  • Leads faculty in implementing pedagogical methods that (a) inform and (b) support social justice - (a) inclusive pedagogy, (b) social justice pedagogy 

We believe that every student in our community has gifts to share that are inextricably linked to their identity. In order to ensure that each student’s  inner light shines brightly, we must create spaces where they feel both safe enough to be true to themselves and brave enough to engage with others as they do the same. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts prepare our students for being thought-leaders in our diverse society and our multicultural work-places. We are coaching our young people to be people of the world one circle at a time; one crucial conversation at a time; one outreached hand at a time.

We understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work is not a destination, but a culture to be embraced and woven into the fabric of who we are each day.

Please feel welcome to visit my office and/or meet with your student’s division director to learn more about what is happening in their classroom. 

My door and heart are open.

– Camille S. Edwards



Camille S. Edwards

Director of Diversity, Equity + Inclusion