Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

In Memoriam: Sharon Goldstein

Sharon Goldstein worked in the Friends Academy Lower School for 26 years. She served as a team leader for 20 years and was the assistant principal of the Lower School. She was also the parent of Jane '86, Dan '88 and Matt '90.

Jane '86 recalls a memory from her mother's time at FA: 
"One of my favorite FA memories of my mom’s experience was a reading group she taught in Alpha. This group was small, maybe five kids in first grade, and they would meet outside of the classroom around a table. My mom would squeeze herself into one of those little chairs around the table and during the course of the reading group the kids would get out of their seats. They would get up and lean on her or crawl on her lap. She said she would let them do it because they were still focused enough, and they were quiet and respectful of one another and her. She clearly loved it, had no intention of putting an end to it. Sharon loved those kids, loved her job, and her FA family."