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Transportation Information

Please check this box if your child does NOT ride a bus.​​​​​

Bus Information

Name on side of bus.
Phone number where parent can be reached in case a student misses the afternoon bus home.​​
Emergency Number​
If your child misses the afternoon bus or there is an early school closing and you are not able to be reached, please give an alternate person who could assist in locating you or who could come to the school to pick up your child:

In the event that the school closes early due to inclement weather, your child will call you and confirm the arrangements you have indicated below. In the event you are unreachable, we will follow the plan you have indicated below.

We strongly encourage parents to have a conversation with their child regarding this issue so that s/he is clear about what should be done in the event of inclement weather/early school closing.   It is imperative that we have this form filled out by each Middle School parent so that we know exactly what you want your child to do.

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Enter the name of the FA Parent who is allowed to pick up your child in the event of an early dismissal.​