A Note From The Upper School...


Upper School: Update on New Attendance Procedures


Dear US Students and Parents,


Greetings, all.  We wanted to make everyone aware of some changes in our attendance procedures for the coming year.  We have purchased new software, new attendance access cards, and also have some internal changes in our offices.  We are looking to improve the speed and accuracy of our attendance procedures for the safety of your students, and we will be implementing these new systems in the coming weeks.


All Upper School attendance procedures have moved from the Dean of Students Office to the main Upper School Offices and the Front Desk of Frost Hall and will be managed by Maddie Clark.


Very soon, Upper School students will be issued access cards with capacity to unlock specific doors on campus during school hours. We will also be recording daily attendance using an access card system connected to these.  We are rolling out this card attendance system during the first weeks of school.  Until cards are issued, we will continue to take attendance in our usual way as we roll out the new software and systems. Using their cards, students will be able to enter buildings and check in using the new system during their 8:05am morning meetings. 


The new system allows us to alert students and families when a student has not checked in using the access card.  In the coming weeks, we will be collecting student cell phone numbers for text notification purposes and we will also be sending all parents a short form to choose their preferred mode of notification regarding student attendance.  If a student does not have a cell phone, the communication will be sent through email and not text.  First level specifics are below, and we will provide updates in the coming weeks.  We ask you all to please review the following:


Parent reporting and communicating student absences, late arrivals etc.

Parents will be required to report if your child is absent, sick, late, departing early, going to the doctor, etc.  To report, we are asking you to please email usattendance@fa.org.  If for some reason you cannot email, you can call Maddie Clark at the US attendance hotline, 516-393-4296.  


Being on Time, Being Late and Checking in

Students who arrive on time go to their class meeting or advisory locations to check in and start their days by 8:05 am.  US students will use cards to "tap in" at morning meetings under the supervision of advisors to record their daily attendance. Students who arrive late, any time after 8:15am, must check in at the school Front desk in Frost Hall before going to class.


Students leaving and returning during the day

Any time a student needs to leave during the day, the parent must have previously alerted the attendance office ahead of time about any appointments or late departures (as above).  Every student leaving during the day must check out at the Front Desk of Frost hall, and once students return from an appointment or absence, the student must also check in at the Front desk before returning to class or other obligations. If a child is sick or injured on campus, the school nurse will contact the parent(s) directly and the student will be released again from the school Front Desk in Frost Hall.


We are certain the new systems will help use be an even safer school.  We are excited about these new systems and will be walking the students through it in the coming days.  Finally, students and parents, please make every effort to be on time.


Please understand it may take a couple of weeks to adjust and we appreciate your support, as always.  We will be very understanding of students as they figure out our safe and welcoming environment.  We want the best for everyone!


Mark Schoeffel and the US Team


Daily Attendance: 516-393-4296 | Upper School Office Phone: 516-393-4215

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