A Note From The Middle School...


Opening of School 2018-2019 Final Reminders


Dear Middle School Parents,


School opens on Tuesday, September 4th. We are excited for the first day of school and we hope your middle schooler is looking forward to a terrific new school year. 


All students are expected to arrive on campus not later than 8:00am every day. School ends at 3:20 pm unless students are staying for athletics or an after school program. (Please see below for car pick up instructions.) 


Frequently Asked Questions: 


What are the middle school's policies regarding dress code, attendance and discipline? Please take a moment to read the middle school section of the Parent/Student handbook which can be found on the FA Parent portal page. 


What is the dress code for opening of school? We will open school with the "warm weather code" as outlined in the handbook. On Picture Day, the students typically like to pick out something special to wear for this occasion. If you would like your child to be photographed with a blazer, please send one in or use one that I provide the photographers for this purpose.


When are there dress down days (DDD) and what is permitted to be worn? Dress down day is typically the first Friday of each month except for  September.  Please refer to the Middle School section of the Parent/Student Handbook for more information regarding DDD dress code.


Where do I drop off/pick up my child/children if I bring them by car? All drop offs/pick-ups should occur in the middle school lot, unless there is a younger sibling in the lower school. In that case, drop off/pick-up should occur in the lower school parking area. The middle school horseshoe shaped lot has a drop off lane closest to the building and a passing lane. Please be sure you drop off your child safely in the lane closest to the building. It is important to pull up as far as you can to allow for maximum number of cars to drop off along the sidewalk


Student car drop off/pick up should not occur in the Dolan Center Parking Area. This area is reserved for bus use only

Staggered car  pick up times to avoid parking lot congestion: 

  • 6th grade- 3:20pm
  • 7th grade- 3:35pm
  • 8th grade- 3:45pm


How will my child know what bus to take home in the afternoon? We do not receive this information from your school district. You will need to contact your district transportation office now. Please fill out the Bus Information form if you have not already done so. Also, be sure to check with your district to see if they provide a late bus for after school sports and programs in grades 7 and 8.


What should my student bring to school on the first day? It is not necessary to have all the school supplies purchased in time for the first day but be sure your child has a book bag and a pen. The teachers will let them know the latest date by which to have supplies for school. We will supply their school planner.


Where should my children report on the first day? ALL students should report directly to the theater for our opening assembly.


When will my child receive their textbooks? Students will receive their textbooks on the first day. Please be sure students bring a book bag so that they can bring home books that will not be kept in their school locker.


What is the middle school's policy regarding use of cell phones and laptops? 


Please read the Cell Phone Policy and review the suggested Contract. This should be discussed with your child prior to opening of school. 


Middle school students may not use their cell phone during the school day (7:45am- 3:20pm). The phone should be turned off and kept in the student's book bag/locker. Parents may communicate a message to their student by contacting the middle school assistant Marian Tobia (marian_tobia@fa.org or 516-393-4239). Do not send text messages to your child during the school day.  Students should not bring in a laptop from home. Chromebooks will be distributed to all students at the beginning of school. Students are expected to have these devices with them each day, fully charged the night before and ready to use in class. 


Communication:  Last year in an effort to reduce e-mailbox clutter,  we launched a weekly e-mail update - Inside FA - that provides important event reminders and highlights about what is happening in the middle school.  I will still send unique emails that provide deeper explanation about upcoming events. 


Finally, the Middle School faculty and I are looking forward to seeing all of you at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 13th.  I will send you a reminder with more detail closer to the date.


Enjoy this last summer weekend and have a wonderful start to a new year!



Deb Schoman

Middle School Principal


Middle School Office Phone: 516-393-4239 | Nurse's Office: 516-393-4221

 270 Duck Pond Road, Locust Valley, NY 11560 | 516-676-0393 | www.fa.org