A Note From The Middle School...


Rising 9th Math Enrichment and Review


Dear Rising 9th grade parents, 


Math Placement and Summer Review


For students who took Algebra:  

Honors Geometry placement has already been communicated through a written letter mailed to parents and students. If you did not receive this communication, it means that your child has been recommended for the regular Geometry program. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


For students who took math 8:

If your child has asked to prepare this summer for placement in Geometry, please be sure you make me aware of this interest so that I can speak with you more about this decision.  Placement exams for Geometry will be administered during the last week of August. Marika Knight , Chair of Math Dept (Marika_kinght@fa.org) will need to be informed of your child's interest in sitting for a placement. She will then give you specifics about the date and time.


We recommend all students do some math over the summer to allow them to be more prepared for the 9th grade program.  


Students could do a math packet- Rising 9th grade Algebra Review .

Students could do Khan Academy  an on-line program to review and enrich their math understanding.

On Khan Academy, Mrs. Nolan has assigned units of study that correspond to what was covered during the academic year. If your student did not meet any of the standards during the school year (as evidenced by their results on all assessments recently returned), this would be a great way to target a review on those topics of study.

FA Students for the 2017-2018 School Year

1) Students should go to KhanAcademy.org and open their account. Students should go the their home profile page and they will see the assignments listed.


New to FA Students

1) Students should go to KhanAcademy.org and create an account using your full name, no nicknames.

2) Visit  khanacademy.org/coaches (by clicking on the Coaches tab in your profile) (by clicking on the Coaches tab in your profile)

3) Once there, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the appropriate codes below:

Algebra Basics (For those who completed a program similar to Math 8): U43T3ZU8
Algebra (For those who just completed a program in Algebra): 8Y45GXSG
4) Click on the 'Home' tab in the upper left and select the appropriate course (i.e. Math 7)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Have a wonderful summer and best wishes for a great journey in the upper school.

Deb Schoman

Middle School Principal 







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