A Note From The Middle School...


Summer Math, Reading and Touch Typing Reminders 


June , 2018

Dear Rising 6th grade parents,

I hope this communication finds you already enjoying the days of summer!

This is just a reminder of the summer math and reading for your children. 

Math Summer Review

We recommend all students do some math over the summer to allow them to be more prepared for the 6th grade program. Students may complete this math practice packet.  Students may use this Answer Key to check their work.

This year, we are using a program called Khan Academy to supply supplemental summer work for students to support their work. We have shared a list of links from the Khan Academy site that link to the questions on the math practice packet

Khan Academy has designed fun, user friendly lessons and games in math instruction for students to work on as they prepare for the class. Your child should be familiar with the concepts and have a good idea of the areas that need strengthening to build a strong foundation for future success. One area we strongly encourage revisiting is multiplying and dividing decimals. We are able to monitor student progress from the teacher portal, and will be able to identify specific areas of need as they may occur.


Instructions to access Khan Academy:

Go to khanacademy.org and create an account using your full name, no nicknames.
Visit khanacademy.org/coaches (by clicking on the Coaches tab in your profile)
In the "add a coach" field, enter this code: V77AH5PB
This information can also be found on the parent portal.

Summer Reading

There are three required reading books: one required Challenge One book and two Challenge Two books (choices). A multiple choice comprehension test will be given on the selected Challenge One book during the second week of school. Therefore, it is recommended that students read this book later in the summer. A Cereal Box Project will be completed for one of the Challenge Two books, which is due Friday the first week of school. In addition, during the second week, an in-class writing assignment will follow the second Challenge Two book.  Students who purchased the summer reading books at the Pop Up Book Fair received their purchases. If your child did not order summer reading books, please remember to purchase them soon! You may email Debbie Alber (debbie_alber@fa.org) if questions arise during the summer.


Touch Typing

Please click on this link to help your child prepare for the level of touch typing expected for the middle school.  We recognize that reaching proficiency will take time and regular practice is essential. Summer is an excellent time to practice.  Parents are expected to ensure that their middle school students are actively practicing this skill throughout the school year. Mrs Nesfield will be testing proficiency level at the beginning of 6th grade and periodically during the school year. Time is not spent in computer class practicing this skill. 

You can find the math and summer reading information I just shared with you in this e-mail on the Parent Portal.

If you have any questions that need immediate attention, please e-mail me  (deborah_schoman@fa.org).

I want to wish you a wonderful summer and I look forward to the 2018-2019 school year!


Deb Schoman

Middle School Principal


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