Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

From the Athletic Director...

Athletics is an important part of a Friends Academy education outside the four walls of the classroom, and contributes to the moral, social, and physical education of our students. Teamwork, commitment to excellence, and sportsmanship are the foundation that each team is built upon.

Athletics presents the daily opportunity for young people to develop an appreciation for character traits and values that will help them be successful in other endeavors and throughout their lifetime. Resiliency, perseverance, the importance of a work ethic, preparation in pursuit of a common goal, responsibility to teammates, cooperation, respect for an opponent, trustworthiness and fair play, accountability, loyalty, and commitment are all things that contribute to their character development.

It is through their experience in athletics that individuals will learn to draw on these traits and virtues for the remainder of their lives in whatever challenges they’re confronted with and provides them with the tools to be better people of character and leaders now and in the future.

- Alan Quackenbush

Alan Quackenbush

Athletic Director