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Friends Academy Celebrates Unity Day with First Community Group Meetings

On Thursday, October 10, the Friends Academy community wore orange to honor Unity Day, part of Bullying Prevention Month. The day was also marked with the first meetings of all-school Community Groups, which bring together students and adults in all divisions to strengthen bonds across campus.

Alumni Association

Welcome to the Friends Academy Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association and its board serve as a resource- by connecting alumni in the US and abroad, by providing networking opportunities, by offering continuing education and much more. 

Peter Stein ’79 
Vice President
Penelope Wylie Mayer ’75
Thomas Pascarella ’95
Alumni Board Members
Pamela Bebry '05
Alana Teutonico Brock '94
Emily Brown '06
Barbara Shoen Brundige '63
Laura Dilimetin '83 
Garrett Dooley '05
Elisabeth Dillof Dreizen '78
Thomas Hawkins '78
Brett Hochberg '09
Caroline Johansen '10
Margaret Keats '79
Alexandra Kelly '06
Katie Koufakis DeSvastich '07
Cristen Koufakis '09
John Koufakis '10
Alek Kucich '13
Hayley Kucich '03
Salwa Touma '01
Alexandra Wasp Loveless '01
Lauren Putter Menzin '81
Hadley Mongell '01
Danielle Farrell O'Kane '06
Rebecca Pacchiano '07
Shayna Farrell Rafter '05
Heather Tilton Rubinstein '01
Lauren Russo '09
Jennifer Tytel '05
Ellen Field Greene '82
Would you like to participate on the Alumni Board? Please contact Director of Alumni Relations, Christine Lunsford at for more information.