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Virtual Friends Academy

On Tuesday, March 10th, we closed our physical campus to our community. Twenty-four hours later, we opened our first day of Virtual Friends Academy in all grades. During the week, students in grades 4-12 participate in a thoughtfully designed blend of synchronous (interactive live classrooms) and asynchronous (independent work) learning. Faculty and students are meeting together on Google Meet and Zoom and using a number of online tools to build a day that mirrors our physical day as closely as possible. Music, visual and performing arts, as well as athletics are offering interactive and pre-recorded lessons and educational content.


Friends Academy is a community grounded in our Quaker values of integrity and respect. We reject of any form of bias, implied or overt within our community.  To that aim, we are working to actively combat the stigma that can result from outbreaks such as this current one, especially when a disease originates in a particular area of the world, leaving groups of people targeted and vulnerable to discrimination. 


As a Quaker school, we are committed to supporting students and families with the highest levels of compassion and respect, and we empower all of our families to act in this same spirit, today and into the future.


"The transition to virtual schooling has been more seamless than we could have imagined, and both of our children remain connected not just academically, but in the communal sense as well."

– Friends Academy Parent



"While this unprecedented time could certainly cause great anxiety in children,
mine have been so calm and collected, and I absolutely believe it is because of the tremendous support and love the Friends Academy community is providing."

– Friends Academy Parent


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"In the face of incredible challenge and adversity, FA has been a beacon of hope for our family; that some things remain. Some truths are just truths. And comfort comes from familiarity. The whole team at FA has done an incredible job to get this up and running so quickly and effectively."

– Friends Academy Parent



"Before coronavirus, we considered ourselves lucky to be part of the Friends Academy family and were always commenting on specific things that made us grateful. Since virtual schooling started we are even MORE appreciative. The virtual schooling seems to be going incredibly well."

– Friends Academy Parent