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This week the Sustainability group showed off their new Fish tank -- a sustainable tank that is newly installed to help the students monitor how to create and maintain a sustainable marine environment.  The students raised money with bake sales and lobbied for the construction, and Friends with the facilities staff did a marvelous job with the woodwork and installation. The new fish had babies!! Jeff and Vijay are here as its captains, but the students are really in charge, they say.  Would that we be as sustainable in our own “tanks” in and out of school. Go Green Quakers, go!

The Science Share is an opportunity for the 6th-grade students to design, conduct and share their work in experimental design. By studying household products such as paper towels and window cleaner the students learn how science works through their own investigative work. Based on their findings, prices and environmental impact the students make recommendations for which products are the best to purchase. One of the beautiful aspects of the Science Share is the way the experiences tie in with our Quaker mission. The students learn that importance of scientific integrity, they realize we are equal in our ability to become scientists and how working as a community we all gain in a greater understanding of the world. Stewardship and simplicity are integrated with the work the students do on sustainable design their products.

The week before vacation two of our grade levels hosted learning celebrations. In first grade students shared with families about their creation of Respectful Town. This is the culmination of a study of our local community including goods and services. They demonstrated their understanding of the purpose shops and services in a town through block building and mural creation. 5th graders also hosted their learning celebration. Their essential understanding was “ideas lead to change.” The looked at how the ideas of our founders formed the US government as well as the Industrial Revolution. They also used their own ideas for change in a design thinking project such as the one pictured to solve the problem of plastics in our environment.

Join us for...
Party with Friends
The 27th Annual Dinner and Auction
Friday, April 5th at 7 p.m. at the Garden City Hotel!

The Auction is a significant fundraiser for our school and we rely upon your participation to ensure its success.  We encourage you to participate in and support the Auction in any way that suits you. There are many ways to support the event including:

  • Event Sponsorship – financial support enhances the event's success, and sponsors are recognized on the invitation, at the event, and in the journal;
  • Item Donation – vacation packages, unique experiences, and sporting events are just some of the items we encourage our community to donate or procure. We are also seeking contributions of original artwork from the community. Check out our wish list for other ideas!
  • Journal Advertisements – personal or business ads are welcome
  • Volunteer – join a dynamic group of volunteers who are dedicated to making the Auction possible

For more information or online forms, visit – Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The 2019 Auction Chairs,
Natalia Good, Julie Kalimian and Julie Riviezzo

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