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Early Childhood students and faculty welcomed a visit from News 12 Meteorologist, Geoff Banson. Geoff spoke to the children about being a meteorologist, how he predicts the weather, and shared a few weather related science experiments with the group. This visit was a wonderful event that topped off a year long study of weather from season to season.

5th grade students have begun their study of economics, business and “real world” work. They filled out job applications noting their hobbies and interests and submitted these for a host of jobs in which they are interested. Later this week they will be assigned a job, based on their applications, at Commerce Plaza for the entire day. Jobs include attorney, shop keeper, bank teller and waiter. Working for the day, they will gain great insight into the adult world and priority setting to run a successful business.

8th grade students engage in a day long investigation in the science lab with several partners. Their aim is to separate the ingredients in a sludge sample and identify each ingredient. The sludge (which is different for each working team) contains a maximum of five compounds. Over the course of the day the lab teams use a variety of analysis tests to help them determine the solids. The liquids are identified by other characteristics. During the course of the investigation the teams record all their procedures and at the end of the day they must show Mrs Collier the purest sample of each ingredient and summarize how they got it.

This week seven of our US students participated in a remarkable event run by UJA, entitled The Witness Project.  For months, working with Holocaust survivors, they rehearsed an artistic performance of the stories of each Holocaust survivor, dramatizing their early lives and then their experience of the camps and their journey to survival. The event was at the Tilles Center, and many of our faculty were in attendance as the students gave of themselves and we all watched silently, until the place erupted in applause.  This is just one of the many partnerships here at the school, and the evening and student work (including beautiful artwork) were remarkable.

Also this past week, we had many alumni return for a Career Day panel for all students, with breakout sessions afterward on Law, Medicine, Entrepreneurship and Business.  

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Saturday, May. 4th – Family Community Sandwich Making Service Event

All School Community Sandwich Making

Please join us for our Friends Academy Family Community Service Event

Saturday, May. 4th from 10-11am in the Commons.  All ages are welcome – Many hands make light work.

Please bring...

  • 2 loaves of bread
  • 1 pound of luncheon meat (sliced turkey, ham, etc.)
  • 1 pound of luncheon cheese (American, cheddar, etc.)
  • 1 bag of fruit

Be a part of this community project.

All food will be donated to P.O.T.S. (Part Of The Solution) in the Bronx.

Games of the Week!  Spring Sports Day!

Join us for this week's Games of the Week!

  1. Boys Track Monday, April 29th at 4:30pm
  2. Girls Track Tuesday, April 30th at 4:30pm
  3. Spring Varsity Sports Day and BBQ Friday, May 3rd – Varsity Baseball (4:15), JV Softball (4:30), Boys Varsity Tennis (4:30), Boys Varsity Lacrosse (4:30), Girls Varsity Lacrosse (4:30) and Girls JV Lacrosse (6pm)!

Come out for some food, some fun and some excitement and come support the Quakers!

Take the Parenting Strengths-based Survey

A heartfelt thank you to those of you who were able to join the FA community for our Final Parent Ed Series led by Dr. Lea Waters.  Strength-based parenting allows you not only to see what is "right" about your children but also discover their strengths and talents – a resource in dealing with difficult emotions, problem behaviors and challenging situations. Take the Strengths-based Survey, courtesy of Dr. Waters and discover your best qualities in 15 minutes with her scientific survey of character strengths.

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