Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

One Vision. Every Voice.

The Friends Academy Strategic Plan Process Begins With You.

This year, we will mark a significant milestone as we launch a community-wide strategic vision that will propel, challenge and ground Friends Academy as an educational leader, not only on Long Island, but in our wider communities.

Working in Partnership

We have partnered with Concentrics and its president, Andy Mozenter, who is dedicated to helping us continue to strengthen our leadership capability and decision-making proficiency so that Friends Academy can deliver its promise to students and community.

Your voice is necessary

It is our hope that our entire community will engage in the process that brings us to our next Strategic Plan, from students, faculty and staff, to parents, alumni and trustees. Input from every voice will create a vision that is inclusive, representative and can successfully imagine and execute what is next for Friends Academy.

To that end, there will be multiple ways to be involved -- from interviews, forums, focus groups, a Visioning Conference and community-wide surveys.

What is our goal?

With your collective energy and enthusiasm, we will look both inward and outward to create a strategic roadmap that will guide us to a future where our students are best prepared to succeed in an increasingly complex global society. It will ensure we are on the leading edge of innovation, as we work to maintain the long-term sustainability of our school.

While we recognize that no one person can do everything, we hope that everyone will engage and share their voice.

Please join us in looking forward,

Debra Del Vecchio
President, Board of Trustees

Andrea Kelly
Head of School

Meet Your Team

Strategic Core Planning Group

  • Andrea Kelly (Head of School)
  • Mark Schoeffel (US Principal)
  • Jen Newitt (Asst. US Principal)
  • John Scardina (Quaker-in-Residence)
  • Andrea Miller (Director of Communications and Marketing)
  • Kathy Dineen (Assistant to the Head of School)
  • Debra Del Vecchio (Board President)
  • Robin Wachtler '83 (Board Vice President)
  • Frank Ingrassia (Board Treasurer)
  • Andy Menzin '81 (Board Secretary)

Strategic Steering Committee
(Includes members of the Planning Group)

  • Mary Jo Allegra (LS teacher)
  • ChiChi Anyoku '10
  • Alex Burt (US teacher)
  • Susan Carden (FA parent)
  • Isobel Coleman (FA parent)
  • Steve Collier (FA parent)
  • Wilhelm Daal (FA parent)
  • Jeff Daniels '90 (FA trustee)
  • Jack Davis '20
  • Nikita Desai (LS teacher)
  • Ed Dugger (Admin)
  • Pia Fleishmann (Arts Staff)
  • Teresa Gianotti '09
  • Kyla Graham '20
  • Glenn Lostritto '84 (FA parent)
  • Sharothy Mahmud '18
  • Jed Morey '90 (FA parent)
  • Erin Nolan (MS teacher)
  • Edgar Posada (US teacher)
  • Michael Quinland (Admin)
  • Amir Solhjou (FA parent)
  • Cal Stellato '19
  • Ling Wang (FA parent)
  • Jennifer Woods '99 (FA parent)