Strong Minds. Kind Hearts.

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Realizing The Promise Within

A little over a year ago, we embarked upon an ambitious campaign to engage all members of our community as we sought to create the blueprint for Friends Academy’s next chapter.

We heard from alumni, listened to parents, engaged students and community thought partners and queried our FA colleagues to hear your perspectives and priorities.

Guided by two important testimonies, integrity and simplicity, this plan enables us to steer Friends Academy with alignment and focus toward our five strategic goals and answer the essential query, “How can we cultivate each student’s full promise?”

The key to clear, consistent and compelling progress, Realizing the Promise Within will enable our students – our future alumni – to thrive, grow and realize their full potential in a world to which they will contribute with meaning, passion and purpose.

So now, with great excitement and optimism, we invite you to turn the first page on Friends Academy’s next chapter.

Debra Del Vecchio
President, Board of Trustees

Andrea Kelly
Head of School

Strategic Core Planning Group

  • Andrea Kelly (Head of School)
  • Mark Schoeffel (US Principal)
  • Jen Newitt (Asst. US Principal)
  • John Scardina (Quaker-in-Residence)
  • Andrea Miller (Director of Communications and Marketing)
  • Kathy Dineen (Assistant to the Head of School)
  • Debra Del Vecchio (Board President)
  • Robin Wachtler '83 (Board Vice President)
  • Frank Ingrassia (Board Treasurer)
  • Andy Menzin '81 (Board Secretary)
  • Andy Mozenter (Consultant, Concentrics)

Strategic Steering Committee
(Includes members of the Planning Group)

  • Mary Jo Allegra (LS teacher)
  • Chichi Anyoku '10
  • Alex Burt (US teacher)
  • Susan Carden (FA parent)
  • Isobel Coleman (FA parent)
  • Steve Collier (FA parent)
  • Wilhelm Daal (FA parent)
  • Jeff Daniels '90 (FA trustee)
  • Jack Davis '20
  • Nikita Desai (LS teacher)
  • Ed Dugger (Admin)
  • Pia Fleischmann (Arts Staff)
  • Teresa Gianotti '09
  • Kyla Graham '20
  • Glenn Lostritto '84 (FA parent)
  • Sharothy Mahmud '18
  • Jed Morey '90 (FA parent)
  • Erin Nolan (MS teacher)
  • Edgar Posada (US teacher)
  • Michael Quinland (Admin)
  • Amir Solhjou (FA parent)
  • Cal Stellato '19
  • Ling Wang (FA parent)
  • Jennifer Woods '99 (FA parent)