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Moving Out and Moving On

Moving Out and Moving On

The above is a picture of an empty room-David's empty room. He officially moved to his first apartment on Friday. 23 years ago this month I went to my first doctor's appointment, just a few weeks pregnant with him. Yes, it seems now that the time has flown. The past 23 years have not always been easy but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Ali cried on Friday, realizing that she will, most likely, never live in the same household as her brother again. She tearfully stated "my childhood is officially over." I held back from making a comment that he'll be back if he can't pay rent. His empty room does mark a huge shift in our family, a bittersweet one. I am thrilled not to have to worry about what he will eat for dinner and so proud of him for being ready for his adult life but I miss his humor and caring around here.

Also on Friday, I saw the last show that Ali either acted in or stage managed at FA. The theater department provided a true home for her over the past five years. Tracey, Mr. Geha, Kimo and so many others pushed her, comforted her, cared for her, encouraged her and sometimes showed tough love for her. With their help she has grown into a woman who is self-confident and aware and proud of her strengths, not just as a contributor to a production, but as a human being. I feel forever in debt for their partnership in raising Ali.

The night David packed up his belongings, he sent me a picture on his phone of Billy Joel's Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) and texted "this is me!" My family is moving out and moving on.