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Friends Academy Celebrates Unity Day with First Community Group Meetings

On Thursday, October 10, the Friends Academy community wore orange to honor Unity Day, part of Bullying Prevention Month. The day was also marked with the first meetings of all-school Community Groups, which bring together students and adults in all divisions to strengthen bonds across campus.

Lingual honors

Lingual honors

29 Middle School students earn platinum, gold, silver, and bronze in National Language Exams.

Twenty-nine Friends Academy Middle School students in Grades 7 and 8 earned platinum, gold, silver, bronze or honorable mentions on the National French, National Spanish and Young Learners Chinese Test this spring.

French National Awards

Gold Medal:
  • Tina Tang
Silver Medals:
  • Senuli Peiris
  • Rigel Mummers
Lauréat National (honorable mention):
  • Arianna Quan-Soon-Victor
  • Hannah Sperry
  • Emma Daniels
  • Jennifer Ding
  • Theoni Hiotis
  • Nell Kurita
  • Tobey Mummers
  • Rachel Na
  • Matthew Yang
Spanish National Awards

8th grade / Level 1 Bronze:
  • Anika Bhatia (bronce)
  • Olivia Carden (bronce)
  • Justin Kelly (bronce)
  • Isabella Sha (bronce)

7th grade / Level 01 Bronze:

  • Diya Basra (bronce)

Young Learners Chinese Test

8th grade / Platinum

  • Natalia Tauter

8th grade / Gold

  • Mark Jennings
  • Angelina Cherenfant

8th grade / Silver

  • Daniel Shalam
  • Graham Semlies
  • Heidi Brown
  • Ziad Ashmawy

7th grade / Gold

  • Delia Zhong
  • Lindsay Vuono
  • Kjaesean Forde
  • Avery Davis

7th grade / Silver

  • Daniel Duke