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FA Varsity Chess takes match

FA Varsity Chess takes match

Team of 6th-12th graders beat Portledge, 38-7.

Members of the Varsity Chess team (left-hand side) take on the Portledge Chess team.

Friends Academy's Varsity Chess team emerged victorious over neighboring Portledge, 38-7, in their latest match on Thursday, Dec. 20.

The team fielded wins on five of their six boards. Each game lasts 40 minutes and players use clocks that run only during their moves. "Part of the strategy is to manage time well as you visualize several moves ahead," explained team advisor Polly Duke, who also chairs the World Languages and Cultures department.

Members of the Varsity team practice weekly for 50 minutes. 'We are really starting to bond as a team," added Duke.