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Empowering change – one student at a time

Empowering change – one student at a time

Four US students selected to partner with and present at LI's Erase Racism day-long program.

On Friday, November 16, four Upper School students participated in a program sponsored by ERASE Racism program for Long Island high school students. The Friends Academy Quaker Practice and Community Engagement team supported four students in attending in and participating in this day-long experience. Juniors Denise Lee, Brianna Taylor, Aaron Daniels, and freshman Sean Johnson took part in the program.

A Long Island-based organization, ERASE Racism "leads public policy advocacy campaigns and related initiatives to promote racial equity in areas such as housing, public school education, and community development. They engage in a variety of research, education and consulting activities to address institutional and structural racism."

Student participants engaged in conference and seminar-style learning opportunities throughout the day and did more learning in smaller break-out groups. Denise and Brianna are currently serving as leaders on the ERASE Racism student task force, and were selected to be on one of the forum's panels during the program.

The students shared details regarding the work of the task force, as well as ways that student leaders can be empowered to continue sharing their passion for such work by taking it directly back to their respective communities. "The message students of the task force want other student leaders to hear is this: Find ways to be an advocate; find ways to use your voice to be an agent of change," emphasized Friends Academy Dean of Equity and Inclusion Camille Edwards, who accompanied all four student participants.

"These students walked away from the day feeling the potential of the great work that lies ahead for the communities for Long Island and our larger world," added Edwards.

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