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Valuing our Children

Valuing our Children

This was a tough week.On the way to school one morning my daughter, fighting back tears, said she would like to be dead for a week because just sleeping wouldn't let her be free of stress. On the same day, a young student also shared the desire to escape pain. Childhood isn't supposed to be stressful. The fact is, it is. And what can we do about it?

I wish I had the answer. I don't. But in my heart of hearts, I believe it comes down to connection. My daughter decided that we should spend time together this weekend-she suggested brunch. I understood that to mean she wanted some mommy/daughter time. Our young student lights up when I stop by the classroom-connection that shows "you are of value."

I have heard talk that kids are having a harder time connecting due to the constant digital presence. I read an interesting article this weekend that suggests digital connection is possible and perhaps imperative. I would add that any way we can connect to our kids and let them know they are complex and interesting human beings is imperative. As my daughter is a senior, she wrote a "thank you" note to me in her senior reflections class. An excerpt: "Thanks for always driving me to and from rehearsals and encouraging me to be a whole person instead of just a grade." (underline hers) Please help me rally against our societal push to stress out our kids and continually show our children that they are of huge value, for who they are now and for the caring, loving, thoughtful global citizens they will become.